Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The question was asked, "Do I need to be published to do school visits."
My answer is, "No. You do not need to be a published illustrator. You should be a working artist for arts-in-education programs!"

One type of school visit is a 'vanity' visit. This is when a person does a presentation about themselves and their work. This can be a wonderful learning and sharing experience. 

But, I am more comfortable talking about ART then I am talking about me. So I only do "hands on" residencies and workshops. I realized quickly that when it came to talking about artwork and facilitating the work of the students, I had no fear. I love opening a creative door for people who don't think of themselves as creative.

In this e-pprenticeship you are going to take a step back and look at your artwork and think of ways your techniques can be a model for the children's art. 

You need some knowledge of school curriculum and how you can apply your art to that.
I am going to help you.
I am going to give you what I know, what I have done, and the steps you can take to build your own programs. 
It is all up to you!

It looks like the information, format, and instructions for sign up should be ready for Friday October 1! 
student artwork on display

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