Friday, October 1, 2010



This class offers:
How to create a lesson plan / interpreting your Art for the curriculum.
Creating your brochure
Creating your own mailing list
How and where to market your programs.
Approach corporate sponsors?
How to plan with teachers/librarians/museum educators.
Understanding the Learning Standards and creating meaningful curriculum content!
Pacing the program to fit into the schedule.
Working with volunteers.
How/why to create a community display.
Why you should encourage the school/library/museum to contact the media.
Ideas to include in your contracts, 
Creating invoices, 
Collecting deposits, 
How to create a fee structure!
making sure everyone is having FUN!

How? Next week the paypal link will be added to my website. 
When I receive the notification, I will send you the password and link for the e-class : ) 

The first post will be October 25 and will be completed by November 15.
The class will be $79. 
You can print the information each day, and I will include a link to download the pdf after the final week.
I look forward to hearing about your projects!
My intention in offering this class now is that there is still time to get your programs launched during THIS school year! 
And you will have the chance to get ready for any spring showcases that are available!
Have a great weekend!!

ps. any questions? you can leave them here in the comments 
or email me at


  1. keep me on your list for this class!

  2. Yay Suzanna! I look forward to working with you!