Friday, September 10, 2010


Before I began creating Arts In Education Residency programs I was an apprentice.
The Arts In Education Apprentice program covered the nuts and bolts of visiting schools. 

THIS is the online version of that program! 

I am happy to be your virtual mentor as you make your way in this journey.
YOU can share your talents and enthusiasm with your community and create your own ARTIST RESIDENCY PROGRAMS... I will show you how!

My student art in a museum display

This class offers:
How to create a lesson plan / interpreting your Art for the curriculum.
Creating your brochure
Creating your own mailing list
How and where to market your programs.
How to approach corporate sponsors.
How to plan with teachers/librarians/museum educators.
Understanding the Learning Standards and creating meaningful curriculum content!
Pacing the program to fit into the schedule.
Working with volunteers.
How/why to create a community display.
Why you should encourage the school/library/museum to contact the media.
Ideas to include in your contracts, 
Creating invoices, 
Collecting deposits, 
How to create a fee structure!

making sure everyone is having FUN!

mark your calendar:
OCTOBER 25 to NOVEMBER 15, 2010!

sign ups will be announced October 1


  1. keep me on your list! I definitley want to take this class if I can !

  2. hi Laura,
    how exciting. not sure how it will work but i'll be visiting the blog.